Black Leander solar window screen install

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This is a black solar window screen installation we did on a customer’s home in Leander, Texas. We used a black solar screen fabric with white frame. When we got to this customer’s house he had already attempted to build a handful of the screens himself. His wife was not happy with his work.

The wife demanded that we come over and build him new screens, which we did. It looks really good. We put solar screens on the windows shown in this picture as well as 12 windows on the back of the house. The customer used the 80 percent solar screen fabric on all of the windows.

The two windows there on the first floor, shown in this picture and on the second floor, larger 46‑by‑60‑inch window those solar screens were surface mounted using the die cast metal clips.

To learn more about our surface mounting techniques, please visit our Web page, Under that you’re going to see the Videos‑of‑How‑We‑Install page. In, “Videos of How We Install,” it clearly describes the surface mount installation methods.

Watch this vide to see how we install our solar screens using the Die Cast Metal turn clips.