Buda, TX solar blinds for windows install.

Buda TX Solar Blinds for Windows

This is a home that we installed the solar blinds for windows on in Buda, Texas. The customer of this home had ordered the solar blinds for their windows probably a year prior to this installation for the front of their home. They really liked the effect that the solar blinds had for their windows, so they requested a year later that we come back and put more solar blinds on the rest of their windows for their house.

This picture shows all of those solar blinds that we put on the windows for the back of their home. We used a chocolate solar blind fabric with the 90 percent density, and we used a white frame. You will see by means of this picture how attractive that color combination is with the exterior of this home.

I refer to solar screens as solar blinds for the purpose of this blog as there are those that search for the term solar blinds when they are searching for solar screens.