Cedar Park TX Stucco Solar Screen Installation

This is a stucco solar screen installation with tan frame that we did on a home in Cedar Park, Texas.

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We put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home.

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Initially we thought it was going to look odd, and the pictures just don’t do it justice. It turned out to be a really nice installation. I wish the camera would have been able to have picked up on the stucco fabric better than it did, because the installation really turned out well.

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Now all of these windows that open required surface mounting, which means that we had to use our turn clips. To learn more about our turn clips, please visit our installation page on our website whereby with videos we illustrate clearly how these turn clips work.

This customer had 32 windows on their house, and they chose to put a solar screen on each and every one of them.  Click here to see what your installed pricing is for our solar window screens.

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