Gray fabric with champagne or white framing

a2011t (1)Shown here is a gray solar screen. This is a 90 percent gray fabric solar screen with white framing. The customer chose gray because within their brick they have gray tones. I’m not a big fan of this look. I don’t think it looks that great. Truth be told, the camera didn’t really didn’t do this look justice. It looks better when you see it firsthand.

You will see, towards the bottom of the home, there’s going to be actual stone, not brick. This home is made up of stone and brick combination. The stone actually has grays in it, of which are of similar color. They’re not grays with a blue tint, like the solar screens have, but they are grays, so it does somewhat tie in.

Now, what I would have liked to see this customer have done is I would have to like to have seen him outline the solar screens with a champagne frame. That champagne frame would have tied in really well with the brick. It wouldn’t have made the white framing around the window pop out as much as it does.