Grey sun screens for windows

Leander TX Sun Screens for Windows

What are sunscreens for windows, and how well can you see through these sun screens for windows? As illustrated in this picture, we have gray sunscreens on these windows. There are two densities that we offer. An 80 percent and a 90 percent, both offer the best outward visibility from all of the sun screen fabrics out there.

The fabric that we use is made by a company called Phifer. It’s called the SunTex line. It has an even weave to it, which lends wonderful visibility.  Read more about visibility here.  People often ask how well can you see through the fabric. You can see through the 80 percent fabric about the same as you can see through your bug screens, which are the half screens that fit over the opening portion of your window.

The 90 percent fabric lends a little bit of distortion, but you can still see through it exceptionally well. Please visit our questions and answers page and on that page, you have videos and you have high res pictures showing you what the outward visibility is like.