Heat shade screens for windows Cedar Park TX Install

These particular windows were not made to accommodate/hold a full size heat shade screen into place. The second floor window is a horizontal sliding window. It slides left to right. That particular kind of window, we had to direct screw our heat shade screen to the window.

Cedar Park TX Heat Shade Screens for Windows

This home, we used the 90 percent solar screen which some people call heat shade screen fabric. You can see by these three first‑floor windows that we surface mounted these heat shade screens (solar window screens). We used the tan framing, and you can see that we used the tan die‑cast metal clips.

About eight inches down from the bottom of the heat shade screens and eight inches from the top of the heat shade screens, you will see little turn clips on the left and right side. Those clips are what’s used to hold the heat shade screen up against the window. We did this because these particular kind of windows do not allow for pop‑in installation.

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