Heat Shade Window Screens

Pflugerville TX Heat Shade Window Screens

Pflugerville, Texas heat shade window screen install.

What are heat shade window screens? They are solar screens that provide shade for your window. They lower the heat generated by the sun, so the glass no longer gets hot from the sun because the windows are shaded with these heat shade window screens.

Are the heat shade window screens more effective than that of window film or window tint?Window film and window tint is rolled on to the inside pane of your double pane glass. The window film does not allow the sun’s rays to get into the home. However, the window film does stop and absorb the heat from the sun’s rays onto your inside pane of glass.

When the sun comes through the glass, it is dispersed and then absorbed onto that window, the glass of that window. Therefore, if you walk up to a window that has window tint on it, the glass is going to be hot or warm to the touch because the sun is penetrating that glass. If you provide shade on the outside of your glass with a solar window screen, shade screen, then the glass is no longer going to get hot. It will not get heated up.  You can watch this video and if you have any other questions about the difference, you can by all means contact me and over the phone I explain.

Window Tint verses Solar Window Screens