I just love the tones of this home

a2011u (1)

I just love the tones of this home. You have some beautiful colored stone mixed in with brick, and the brick are multiple tones. The stones are multiple tones, they are all in the same hues. It’s just a beautiful look.

One of the things I would have liked have seen the customer have done, is I would have preferred him to have used the champagne colored frame. The fabric is the black fabric. I would have liked for him to put the champagne frame around that black fabric. Yes, you would have seen a little bit of the white window frame, but it wouldn’t have made the white pop out at you, like it does right now.

Looking at this home, you’ll see a lot of white when you look at these windows. That champagne going around that black would have tied in better with these beautiful tones of the brick and the stone.