Pflugerville, Texas window shade screens

Pflugerville TX Window Shade Screens

Pflugerville, Texas window shade screens. We always recommend to our customers that they clean their windows prior to us installing our solar screens. Occasionally, we will get to a person’s house, where they have not cleaned their windows yet, and they will ask us, “Hey. How difficult is it for us to take these screens off to clean the windows later?”

“We didn’t have time to get to it now or we didn’t have time to get to it beforehand. We now want to clean them a week or two after your put the screens up.”

It’s laborious. It takes time. It is best to do it now, before we show up. You can do it one day before we show up. Or you can do it a week before we show up. But it is best to do it before we show up.  We have posted on our website a great window cleaner here that you can hire.