Solar window screen on each and every window

I like when I see homes like this, that customers put a solar window screen on each and every one of their windows. It works out well. It looks good and from the inside of the house looking out you see solar screens everywhere. You don’t see some windows covered and other windows not covered. The cost just is not that much to be consistent and do solar screens on all of your windows.

Take a look at this picture here (see more solar window screen PICTURES here). You can see that back patio. It is shaded by the back patio cover. However, they wanted solar screens on those windows. I believe it was the right thing to do. Those windows might not get very much sun, but there is a portion of the day where they do get a considerable amount of sun, late in the afternoon.

From the inside of the house that would’ve looked odd to have put solar screens on some windows and not others, as well as from the outside of the house. It just would not have looked good. Bravo to these guys for putting solar screens on all of the windows.