Sunshade window screens ‑ Leander, Texas installation.

Leander TX Sun Shade Window Screens

For this Leander, Texas installation, we used the black sunshade window screens. Is there a difference between the black or any other color that we offer? As far as protection, there is not a difference. They either provide 80 percent shading protection or they’re going to provide 90 percent sun‑shading protection.

As far as colors, people will say can the black work as well as the beige sunshade window screens? Yes. They either provide 80 percent or 90 percent sunshade protection. It is all about the density of the weave. People will say how about the black sunshades? They get hotter to the touch than the beige, therefore, the beige would be better. But that is not the case.

Solar window screens made by are Energy Star approved, therefore do qualify with the IRS for a Residential Energy Tax Credit.

The sunshade fabric is about three quarters of an inch off of the glass. The heat of the black sunshade fabric has no bearing on your glass.