Tall windows, thus tall solar screens

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Occasionally we come across very tall windows. As shown here, in this picture, we have these four opening windows. They’re 34 inches wide, and roughly around 100 inches tall. These are huge windows; therefore they required very tall solar screens. We can definitely build screens for a tall solar screen Austin project.

It doesn’t really matter how tall your window is, as long as it’s in the 100 inch marker. When it gets much more than 100 inches, like what you would see for commercial projects, we might have to break it up into multiple screens.

Example of a Commercial Roller Shades Austin TX installation.

Example of a Commercial Roller Shades Austin TX installation.

Note: For commercial projects, we often use our internal commercial roller shades.  For commercial shades Austin TX projects, we have multiple fabric and density shading options.  Commercial internal roll shades mount on the inside of commercial windows.  These are internal shading options.  They don’t keep the glass from getting hot, and are not optimal for shading like an external shading device.  They are however the only option for most commercial windows.  Landlords won’t typically let you install external shading solar window screens.

If you have a window that is much taller than 100 inches, let us know, and we’ll see if we can build it for you or we’ll have to break it up into a couple screens.