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In the Austin TX area the Hobbs are your #1 Window Shade Screen installers

"This SMALL PHOTO GALLERY of ours represents a minor sampling of the 1000+ solar window screen installations that we have
ONE in the Austin TX area"

To look at our Austin SOLAR SCREEN pictures pages where we have 300+ Hi-Res Pictures on our website,
please visit our website www.JoshHobbs.com

With solar screens, a heavy load is taken off the air conditioner, as they block sunlight by up to 90%. The solar screen is placed in front of the window, approximately an inch away, serving as a shield that shades your window from the sun's rays. The window remains cool, and in turn, the rooms shaded by the solar screen stay cooler. This helps your air conditioner, which can see a longer life span and doesn't have to work as hard.

With summer, comes days with plenty of daylight, outdoor activities, and expensive air conditioning bills. Instead of a motive to look forward to, summer can indeed be a season of headaches and empty wallets. However, there is something simple that can create a huge impact on your cooling costs. In fact, the answer is one that can be staring us in the face and we just havenít noticed yet. Thatís right: solar window screens can be your best friend this summer.

Josh Hobbs' meticulously handcrafted solar window screens are beautifully represented for you to look and learn all about on his website JoshHobbs.com.  His extensive online portfolio is devoted to promoting the vision of the perfect window shading solution for a wide variety of houses and commercial properties in the Austin, Texas vicinity.

Available in a five fabric colors (Chocolate, Black, Grey, Stucco & Beige) and two fabric densities (80% & 90%), these custom hand crafted window shade screens attract residential and commercial property owners all around Austin looking to shade their windows from the treacherous heat of the hot Texas sun.

Essentially, these elegantly custom made and installed by owner Josh Hobbs himself, solar screens presented in these high-resolution pictures graciously portray some of Mr Hobbs installations while simultaneously advertising key design features such as color combinations, unique shapes and custom configurations.

In addition, the professionally made and installed solar window screens greatly encourage better living in the home, as the home being shaded will stay considerably cooler in the Summer months while at the sane time offering up daytime privacy for your windows.

Notably, this extensive collection of JoshHobbs.com's former projects, illustrate the best of craftsmanship to provide exceptional sun management solutions without compromising style or grace.

Moreover, with influential elements and unsurpassed expertise, this prominent locally known Austin solar screen installer accurately redefines unadorned sun control devices, and instead, reinvents the possibilities of a highly effective and sophisticated solar window screen by successfully incorporating features encouraging both function and style.

And, we strongly recommend that you browse through our Solar Window Screen Installation Examples section of our website that in detail will show you pictures of our Austin solar screen installations that are accompanied with thorough descriptions and notes about that installation.  This is a GREAT resource of ours to take a look at.